Control systems and axis systems

  • Commissioning of control system components
  • Commissioning of PLC and CNC systems
  • Commissioning and optimization of servo drive systems
    • Highly dynamic systems with a mechanical bandwidth in the kHz region
    • Highly precise systems with positioning accuracies in the nanometre region
  • Assessment of existing architectures and analysis of their optimization potential
  • Experience includes following systems:
    • Controlled axial systems
      Beckhoff, Danaher Motion, Siemens, Lti Drivers, Triamec Motion
    • Prototypes
    • Control systems
      Andron, Bachmann, Beckhoff, SEW, National Instruments
    • Programming Platforms
      Codesys, TwinCAT PLC 2 und 3, TwinCAT CNC, LabVIEW
    • Field bus systems
      EtherCAT, CAN-Bus, Profibus, SERCOS
PLC- und CNC-Systemen und Servo-Antriebssystemen, Optimierung bestehender Architekturen, Inbetriebnahme von steuerungstechnischer Komponenten