Electronics development - Aachen

In the field of mechatronic systems we work in co-operation with the Ingenieurbüro für Elektroentwicklung von Jürgen Gensicke (Engineering office for electronics development of Mr. Jürgen Gensicke). We rely on their years of experience and their ISO 9001 certified quality for designing and manufacturing electronic hardware modules (FPGA; VHDL, digital circuits and microprocessors).


We utilize the expertise of our partners ET-IT-Ingenieure (ET-IT-Engineers) to provide a competent interface between Mechatronics, Information-Technology and Technical Mathematics. The city of Aachen offers access to an international research environment and guarantees professional quality in individual projects for:

  • Software development for Embedded Systems
  • Electronic development (Hardware, Schematics, Board level design)
  • Real-time systems for IT applications (Matlab, Simulink, C/C++)