Technical Mathematics and Algorithms

  • Spline-based approach
    NURBS, B-Splines
  • Telecommunication related signal processing
    FFT, Filter, Laplace
  • Optimization algorithms
    Fitting, Approximation, Parametersuche
  • Processing large amounts of data
  • Numerical Considerations (Fix- / Floating-point Arithmetic)
  • Interpretation as per Real-time Criteria
Verarbeitung großer Datenmengen, Numerische Betrachtung, Auslegung nach Echtzeitkriterien, Spline-basierte Verfahren, Nachrichtentechnische Signalverarbeitung, Optimierungsalgorithmen

The processes of instrumentation and control engineering are based on mathematical foundations. These would be required during the design process for the design and parameterization. In many cases, they are also integral components of the mechatronic system – for example as control algorithms. We support customers with our expertise in these areas.


  • (Non-linear) optimization methods
  • Communication technology related signal processing algorithms
  • MATLAB or direct implementation
  • Numerical and algorithmic differentiation
  • Statistical methods
  • Visualization / Graphical Display
  • Algorithms for image processing

Our Approach

  • Model development and Analysis
  • Developing algorithms with mathematical modeling software
  • Numerical consideration of the calculations regarding machine-precision
  • Implementation on a target platform
  • Testing and troubleshooting in the target environment

Our Strengths

  • Long-term experience with the development tool MATLAB
  • Computationally optimized adaptation of the algorithms for the target platform
Nachrichtentechnische Signalverarbeitung, Numerische Betrachtung, Auslegung nach Echtzeitkriterien, Spline-basierte Verfahren, Optimierungsalgorithmen, Verarbeitung großer Datenmengen