Mechatronic Systems

Abbildung Schema Simulink Motormodell

Development of simulation models and verification

  • System theory based model building in the time and the frequency domain
  • Simulation of mechatronic systems and hardware in the loop (Matlab/Simulink, dSpace, National Instruments)
  • Model-based design and calibration of digital filters and control algorithms
  • Verification of simulation results with actual measurement data

Measurement based analysis

  • Machine analysis (Vibrational – and Frequency analysis, Modal Analysis)
  • Evaluation in locus, time-domain and spectral range
  • Validation of control engineering applications
  • Handling of a large amount of data from long duration measurements or for high sampling rates
  • Application-specific Design of measuring instruments and measurement setups
  • Application-specific data evaluation
Abbildung Diagramm Strommessung