Prototype development and optimization

  • System theory based Model development in time – and frequency domains for the development of control loops in state space
  • Testing, commissioning and identification of system boundaries through the hardware-in-the-loop methodology
  • Vibration and frequency analysis of complex mechatronic systems

A systematic approach and many years of experience with the development tools Matlab / Simulink, dSpace and LabView allow for the quick computer aided development of control algorithms (Rapid-Control-Prototyping). This approach comprises the description and model building of a mechatronic system with the subsequent control system design through to testing the real system.

Systemtheoretische Modellbildung im Zeit- und Frequenzbereich, Schwingungs- und Frequenzanalyse komplexer mechatronischer Systeme, Test, Inbetriebnahme und Ermittlung von Systemgrenzen